The ICC management team outlines the sum of ICC’s engineering offering: Deep technical expertise, to-the-point operational excellence and results-oriented international experience.

Below is a list of our management team.
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Alex Alexandrov (Vice President) draws on +20 years of experience in international management and consulting. Educated in both Electrical Engineering and Business Administration Alex carries a wide reference-catalogue from management consulting, turn around operations and implementation projects in the US, France, Germany, Poland, Denmark and the Caribbean.

Anders Hummer (President) draws on +20 years of international management and consulting experience and is educated in Chemical Engineering, Master Brewing and Business Administration. Previous employments include a partner position in Alfred Jørgensen Laboratory and international management positions at Danbrew and Alectia. Anders also obtained management experience from Carlsberg Breweries and GlobalBrewer.

Daniel J. Berkemann (Manager) is ICC’s Financial Business Manager with a background in Private and Public Accounting, Daniel draws on +25 years of accounting and management experience from various sizes of companies that he has managed and consulted with over the years.

Jeremy McCormick is in charge of the Process Automation department. He is a highly versatile controls engineer with a vast experience in computer and PLC programming. Jeremy successfully guides his team to assist clients with everything from efficiency improvement projects in packaging and processing areas to complete factory re-control. Jeremy holds a BS degree in computer science from Missouri’s Truman State University.
Ryan Coates (Vice President) leads the Mechanical and Process Engineering Department at ICC Inc. He is a professional Chemical Engineer with 12 years experience and registered to practice in nine states. Ryan started his career at Anheuser Bush where he held a variety of positions, culminating in Group Manager. Since coming to ICC, he executed successfully a large number of projects including green field design and performance improvement engagements in the US and abroad. Ryan Coates is a Cum Laude graduate of University of Missouri – Rolla.