3D Laser Scanning and Modeling Services


3D Scanning

ICC offers full High Definition 3D laser scanning services. There are many reasons why a 3D scan may be the best place to start when gathering field data for your new project.

  • Fast – Most laser scan jobs can be completed in a couple days.
  • Economical – Jobs take less time than traditional methods so your plans can move quickly.
  • Mobile – Our equipment is highly mobile and we can scan just about anywhere
  • Accurate – Accuracy to within 6mm at a distance of 50 m

3D Project Modeling Analysis

With the use of laser scanning, your projects can be assessed quickly and efficiently. With scaled models it becomes obvious what will and what will not work for the project.

Analysis includes:

  • Equipment fit and access
  • Equipment options
  • Piping and structural fit and options
  • De-construction requirements
  • interconnect and utility requirements
  • Cost of equipment and supplies

3D Simulations

Training and testing modules can be developed and suitable simulators created using a whole plant or subnet model.

Simulations include:

  • Emergency response training
  • Production and operation training
  • Maintenance training
  • Equipment operator training

Situational Analysis:

  • Equipment outages
  • Retrofit planning and coordination
  • partial shutdown/restart scheduling
  • Disaster planning


Sample 3D Model