Fitness Assessment™

Do you know the true potential of your manufacturing assets? What cost reduction opportunities are you missing out on? Which quality improvements can be unlocked with virtually no investment? Are you prepared to present your CAPEX-plan to your board of directors?

Through the accumulated talent base at ICC we are able to understand a great sum of your business challenges in a matter of days. We invite you to join forces with a selected team of ICC experts in a short but impactful value-scoping service:


By inviting ICC’s technical experts and experienced strategists to visit your plant you can short-circuit the ”business as usual” mindset and tap into 26 years worth of best-practice expertise.


The initial Fitness Assessment process lasts only 10-15 working days per factory, and on the last day we deliver a list of tangible, defined project definitions in writing. The resulting business case report identifies sustainable annual savings typically in the 2-digit million-dollar range.

The project list is prioritized according to cost/benefit calculations and focuses on CAPEX-projects with payback in 2 years or less.


When you choose to design and implement the suggested projects you can charter an on-site team of ICC-experts to manage the changes and ensure sustainability of the operational and financial results.

At this point we offer a Shared Risk/Shared Reward contract. This means that we take a direct stake in delivering the results we promise you in the business case.
Read the case study about how a team of 6 ICC experts projected over $20 million USD in annual savings for Vi-Jon in a 2-week Fitness Assessment.
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Fitness AssessmentTM is owned and managed by ICC’s sister company Archpath Consulting Ltd. in Europe. Archpath Consulting Ltd. consists of 6 internationally experienced professionals and a great network of subcontractors from the international management consulting industry.