How to design a premium brand bourbon distillery, cost effectively


Skilled experts
In 2013 ICC was hired to design a bourbon distillery for Angel’s Envy (Louisville Distilling Company). An ICC team of process and packaging specialists, along with a financial and a project manager delivered the design. The process from initial concept through basic design to tendering of equipment took approximately 4 months. The outcome was a fully designed distillery, from grain intake to warehouse.


Robust tender process
What makes ICC’s tender process so efficient is a systematic approach made possible by our international presence and direct contact with suppliers. The added value achieved when tendering worldwide is that we are able to compare the offering of all potential suppliers and then select the best option for our client; for example, a local supplier in Louisville, Kentucky, versus a supplier from the Czech Republic. For the Angel’s Envy project, the ICC team ended up buying much of the equipment for local suppliers, securing quotes from alternate suppliers was helpful in price negotiations.


Satisfied clients
Wes Henderson, COO of Angel’s Envy said: “The ICC team did an excellent job. I have never seen such an efficient team. The collaboration between the investment group, the bourbon makers and the architects designing the building was managed perfectly.”




– Conceptual design narrative and layout drawings.
– CAPEX budget.
– OPEX budget.
– Project time schedule.
– Capacity calculations.
– Process flow diagrams.
– Basic design narrative and layout drawings.
– Organization and manning profile.
– Process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).
– Specification of equipment.
– Tender selection and recommendations.