ICC has completed and started up the Balcones Distillery in Waco TX.

Just after laying down the first barrels of the excellent Baby Blue and “1” into the rick house, ICC was awarded a contract to plan and design a greenfield distillery for a renowned rye brand in America’s heartland. The details of this project are yet to be released to the public, so more to come on this. The distillery will feature full scale production, packaging and a visitor experience center, as well as a traditional rick-house to age the whiskey.

ICC is very proud of being selected as the engineers and designers for this project. As always, ICC will follow its 7-step way to capital projects by first creating a complete plan and specification for the distillery. Next, a 3-D visualization for the fully expanded plant will come to life, so as to optimize the space and create the best possible visitor experience and working conditions.

Based on the model and narrative description, ICC will deploy its management consulting talent in a collaborative effort with the Client team to develop and optimize capital and operating budgets and schedules. Lowest total cost of ownership is the focus.

This approach ensures that ICC’s clients always have the right solution with minimum surprises during the project implementation phases.

This new distillery is yet another example how at ICC we are Engineering Lasting Results™