$2,400,000 in annual savings identified on just 2 packaging lines.


ICC recently wrapped up a 10 day Fitness Assessment™ at a major American food manufacturer with great success. During their time onsite, ICC’s team of engineers, programmers, and business practice experts identified cost reduction opportunities of over $2.4 million, with a total payback period of less than nine months. Specific examples of ICC providing solutions to customer issues included:

The ICC team helped identify the true process constraints and provided innovative solutions to increase production volume by an average of 20% through removing those constraints at a minimal capital cost.

Working closely with the client’s team, the ICC team also helped identify low cost fixes to the most frequent root causes of line downtime.

Bringing in expertise from other industries, the ICC team helped identify a key upgrade to upstream process equipment to leverage best practices and reduce clean-up downtime by 75%.

By looking at the demand volume for the production area, ICC was able to re-align the scheduling process to reduce changeovers and improve efficiencies on the client’s high volume line.

These solutions, along with many quick-win opportunities and identification of future line constraints helped position the client to lower unit costs and increase overall production volume on a product line that has been a manufacturing challenge for nearly fifteen years.