The ICC management team outlines the sum of ICC’s engineering offering: Deep technical expertise, to-the-point operational excellence and results-oriented international experience.

Below is a list of our management team.
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Anders, draws on more than 20 years of international management and consulting experience and is educated in Master Brewing, Chemical Engineering and Business Administration. Born and raised in Denmark, Anders was taught the value of diversity and the opportunity to learn through different perspectives. These values provided the groundwork for his experience in developing successful strategies and in completing complex M&A integrations at global organizations such as Danbrew and Alectia. Anders also obtained management experience from Carlsberg Breweries and GlobalBrewers. As President of ICC Inc, he oversees the operational and HR departments and developed the company’s strategy and vision. Being a father of five children, Anders understands very well the importance of being dedicated, focused and efficient. With his goal-oriented personality, he evens finds time to train and take part in Ironman competitions and bicycle races.

“I have a special passion for companies whose success is built upon a significant know-how platform, and the talented team at ICC is no exception”

“Have suitcase, will travel” – that’s Alex lifelong slogan. An entrepreneur by birth and electrical engineer by education, Alex also looks back at over 20 years of experience in international management consulting and continues to find creative solutions to almost all of the world’s problems. Alex speaks four languages and worked in the US, the Caribbean, France, Russia, Poland, Denmark and Germany. As VP Marketing & Sales, he successfully established a beer brand, making it the No. 1 beer in the Polish market within one year of his tenure. As a commissioned officer of the US army, he has a disciplined approach to project execution and leads his associates from the front. He is very goal oriented and brings high energy into any environment. If Alex is not ‘living in Terminal 3’ – he gets outdoors on frequent bicycle rides with friends and occasionally challenges himself to conquer high mountains on his bike. Alex is also a proud father of two teenage girls who, he admits, read academic books of which he not even understands the title.

“I am absolutely energized by the members of our ICC society. Being surrounded by highly educated and capable people with a tremendous work ethic, to me is simply wonderful” 

A problem solver by nature, Ryan’s expertise is visualizing working solutions and translating them into tangible plans. He’s also competitive and decisive. After graduating with Honors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri in Rolla, Ryan worked for seven years in Anheuser-Busch’s engineering and operations divisions in a variety of roles of increasing responsibility. He joined ICC’s process engineering department in 2009 while also completing his professional engineering certification. ICC’s management recognized his outstanding capabilities and soon promoted him to department manager and in May 2017 to Vice President. Ryan enjoys defining projects and business cases, and ensuring the project and business goals are balanced and delivered on time. Being also a husband and father of two, Ryan says that in his precious free time he tries to get outdoors as much as possible playing baseball and soccer to minimize distractions for a while.

“I very much view the identification of optimal solutions and methods of execution as a form of competing. And as part of a team, I’m driven to ensure my team has a great chance at success.”

Sean joined us in 2017 and truly enhances ICC’s executive team with his expertise and pragmatic business management style. He has over two decades of experience spanning Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, Customer Service, Customer Marketing, and Consulting. Sean has earned an MBA and is a Certified Management Accountant and CPA. Efficient, analytical and always striving for the highest quality, Sean plays a key role in delivering large turnkey projects on time and budget. Prior to joining ICC, Sean assisted clients with change and performance management, strategic planning and tactical execution and worked at AB-InBev, 3M, and various start-up ventures. To unwind, Sean enjoys taking cross-country trips by train with his wife and daughter or – on the west coast – you may find him surfing the big waves.

“ICC provides me with the opportunity to create truly unique solutions for clients through collaboration with highly talented and creative professionals.”

Daniel J. Berkemann (Manager) is ICC’s Financial Business Manager with a background in Private and Public Accounting, Daniel draws on +25 years of accounting and management experience from various sizes of companies that he has managed and consulted with over the years.

Jeremy McCormick is in charge of the Process Automation department. He is a highly versatile controls engineer with a vast experience in computer and PLC programming. Jeremy successfully guides his team to assist clients with everything from efficiency improvement projects in packaging and processing areas to complete factory re-control. Jeremy holds a BS degree in computer science from Missouri’s Truman State University.