Process Engineering & Plant Design



Inviting ICC to design your production facilities and operation processes means ‘streamlining’ in its most literal sense.

Our unique team of full circle thinkers and best-in-class engineering talents collaborate and combine their efforts in order to support your success in the best possible way.

No engineering project has only 1 solution, and the same goes for your production processes. This is the case whether you are designing a new plant from the ground and up or optimizing your existing manufacturing assets. That’s why ICC employs many different experts and leaves no brick unturned when we scope and plan the solutions we present to our clients.

When combining a 360-degree business view on your manufacturing processes with the full range of engineering expertise available with ICC as your go-to engineering partner, you can both speed up your production and feel confident that you implemented the optimal solution.

Process Engineering

  • Process Design
  • Process Evaluation & Feasibility Studies
  • Plant Design Simulations
  • FEED Studies (Front End Engineering Design)
  • Process Evaluations
  • Greenfield Plant Designs
  • Plant Expansion
  • Process Modeling and Simulation
  • Process Equipment Specifications
  • On-Site Evaluation Team