Wastewater Treatment


What if doing the right thing actually made financial sense for your business? Read on. This article discusses how ICC Turnkey’s application of science, new developments in the industry, and solid financial engineering removed an obstacle to production AND saved an appreciable amount of natural resource, at the same time.


ICC’s client was about to start-up a distillery when the local government advised that it is not able to deal with the very significant flow of effluent to the sewer system. The municipality had engaged a competent firm of engineers, well in advance of start-up, to deal with the forecast flows and loads. As sales forecasts grew, so did the flows. The breaking point finally came. The mismatch between civil and industrial flows made it more expensive for the municipality to deal with the problem then for the distillery.


After ICC Turnkey looked at the situation in detail, it became clear that it was the flow level and not the biological loads that posed the real challenge. The distillery would comprise over 95% of the load on the public plant. Clearly, a purpose-built solution was necessary.


ICC Turnkey analyzed the financial terms imposed by the public system, the property taxes proposed for the new distillery and the operating expenses for a state-of-the-art pre-treatment / anaerobic/ unique membrane plant it designed. The result was water sellable to neighboring farms at a surprisingly short payback period. Best of all, NO water will be discharged and wasted.


Sustainability in deed and not just in word: spent grains, efficiently dewatered and sold as animal feed, biogas used for steam generation, water, used in farming, delivered without making production engineers take their eye off the manufacturing ball.


The final step in this equation is financial. Being a good citizen does not mean being a bad businessman. For our clients, the core business is producing a great product. For ICC Turnkey, the core business is supporting this production. ICC Turnkey’s solutions turn needed CapEx into already existing OpEx, at the end delivering a no-cost solution. Simply put, our clients benefit from incredibly innovative systems, installed with minimal attention from their staff and with no CapEx outlay. The systems are paid for through their use and the environment wins.


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